About Oregon Masters Swimming

Welcome to Oregon Masters Swimming. We promote lifelong fitness and fun by offering organized swimming for adults of all ages and ability levels. We offer a variety of activities including swimming clinics, pool competition and open water swimming.

Oregon Masters Swimming is a Local Masters Swimming Club (LMSC) in the Northwest Zone of the United States Masters Swimming (USMS).

The Oregon LMSC is the governing body for Masters swimming in Oregon. We subscribe to the founding principles of our national governing body, United States Masters Swimming (USMS). We encourage and promote improved physical fitness and health in adults. We offer adults the opportunity to participate in a lifelong fitness and/or competitive swimming program. We encourage organizations and communities to establish and sponsor Masters swimming programs, and we enhance fellowship and camaraderie among Masters swimmers.

There are many reasons to join Oregon Masters Swimming. In addition to the fun, fitness and camaraderie, we have a highly informative newsletter and some of the finest swimming events in the Pacific Northwest. If you are interested in joining Masters swimming, you can find registration information on this web site, or you may contact our registrar.